Vancouver – First Impressions

Vancouver, Canada, is our first stop on this 7 month adventure. After just a few days we already love this place. These are our 7 first impressions:

  1. Vancouver is super clean – from the paperless “check-in” at the airport to the amazingly organised recycling system (which can get confusing) this city is almost entirely free of litter.

    Vancouver bins
  2. Greenery – there are loads of parks in Vancouver; streets are lined with trees; and flower buckets hang from lamp posts on the main roads. You can have a picnic in the middle of the city surrounded by nature. For an awesome half day trip hire a bicycle and trek aound Stanley Park via the famous Sea Wall.
  3. Mountain views – just have a look at this view from Coal Harbour;

    Coal Harbour Mountain Views
  4. Variety – walk a few blocks and watch the scenery change from suburbia to the CBD and vice versa. You’ll find lots of funky stores in one street and hipster cafes in the next.
  5. Breweries – local beers are delicious and plentyful – restaurants and bars offer flights (a sampling of several beers, usually 4) so you can have a taste.

    Dave and Alan enjoying a flight of beers at Timber.
  6. Walkability – it is easy to explore everything by foot – you can safely walk anywhere, otherwise grab a bike and go explore!
  7. Cost of Living – Coming from Sydney we are used to paying more for everything so Vancouver prices were not as shocking to us. That said accommodation and eating out here is expensive!


Check out our next blog for some tips on eating and drinking in Vancouver.


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