Where to eat and stay in Bolivia’s Copacabana

After being bitten to shreds on the Inca Trail, Flo’s ankles had swollen up so much that it hurt her to walk. Not cool. The good news is that it happened in Copacabana – one of the most amazing places you can find in Bolivia!

We decided to stay an extra night to try and recover before hitting the road again and we ate our way through this beautiful place in the mean time.

[Remember to bring a super well stocked pharmacy when visiting – the local stuff does not always cut it. Check out our packing list for South America HERE.]

Where to stay

Las Olas is so far the best place we have stayed at in South America, hands down! Not only do you get a kitchenette in your super clean private room which is big enough for a couch as well as a bed, you get to enjoy a view of lake Titicaca and the city from that very room. (see main picture, taken from our lawn)

The best thing about it, however, is the tame llamas that live here! They are so curious and friendly that they’ll eat out of your hands. The hostal even provides free food for you to bribe your new friends with.

Where to eat

If you are after a view and don’t mind spending a bit more head to La Cupula Restaurant. This is the restaurant that belongs to Las Olas and their food and views are equally great. It seems to be the place for fondue, so if you come for dinner we’d recommend working up an appetite first. Oh and guess what – you can feed the llamas again before or after your meal… (Sorry, totally lived in the moment and did not take any pictures when we visited. We did take loads of pictures of the llamas though!)

Pan America is the best place for sandwiches, banana bread and pizza. The empanadas here are out of this world and made great snacks for our overnight bus.

Their little place is close to the Plaza 2 de Febrero and the Basilica. We loved the vibe here and the fact that the lovely owners seemed like the nicest people – check what their Facebook page says!

100% of the profits support sustainable economic and agricultural projects for the indigenous people of the Lake Titicaca area.

And just look at these sandwiches!! pan america.PNG
If you are looking for cake and smaller pastries head to Pit Stop . Very nice staff (but – let’s face it – everyone we have met in Bolivia this far is super friendly) and they also make a mean cup of coffee.  Here is a pic of their chocolate cake if you are still unsure if you want to head up the hill…

As you may know, Copacabana’s local delicacy is stuffed trout – you can find it in many restaurants. Because of the swollen ankle situation and Flo having to sit down quite a bit we opted for La Orilla, a cute, quiet place with interesting interior and friendly staff that offers super tasty food. Let the pictures speak for themselves;




After this much food you probably want to do some exploring as well. Don’t worry, because our city guide to Copacabana is coming out soon!

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